Partnering with Riata provides access to a high-energy and experienced investment team that brings both financial and operating expertise, complemented by a dedicated team of seasoned Operating Partners who are trusted advisors to management teams.

Significant Investment Experience

The principals of Riata have been investing in privately-held companies since 1991. We support entrepreneurs and management teams by sharing investment experiences and effective strategies gleaned from the more than 55 companies with which we have collaborated over the past two decades. The Riata team helps by supporting the process of strategic decision-making, developing incentive programs for management, recruiting key management team members, facilitating important operational initiatives (e.g., product launches, geographic expansion, sales force optimization, cost rationalization, and capital and IT investment), and instituting enhanced financial controls. 

Extensive Network of Relationships

The Riata team is able to leverage its extensive professional network to help recruit key management personnel, bring in functional or project-based experts, facilitate discussions with relevant strategic participants, and build effective, experienced, and highly functioning boards of directors.

Seasoned Operating Partners

Riata has a dedicated team of Operating Partners—many of whom have built and run successful businesses in our core sectors —who are available to support our portfolio companies' needs from an operational perspective and at the board level. These sector-and functional-specific Operating Partners can serve as value-added and strategic resources to executive teams by helping drive improvements in financial performance, leveraging their networks to attract key executives and introduce potential acquisition targets, and acting as a sounding board during important strategic decision-making.


Success with Organic and Acquisition-Driven Growth Initiatives

The Riata team is highly experienced at implementing a variety of strategies aimed at accelerating the organic growth of businesses. We support these strategies with our capital, access to operational resources, and ability to collaborate with management teams. We also have experience working with companies to source, negotiate, on-board, and integrate add-on acquisitions that previously may have been too large, too risky, or too time-consuming for teams to undertake independently. Our team has been integral in helping our portfolio companies make a significant number of add-on acquisitions, both those that are large and transformative and those that are smaller in nature.

Strong Organizational Development Capabilities

The principals of Riata often collaborate with founders and management teams to help build their executive teams where appropriate. We support this effort by providing access to our extensive network of relationships within our core industry sectors and through working with top-tier industry- or functional-specific recruiters with whom we and our Operating Partners have a long track record of success. We have helped companies recruit dozens of executives in the areas of finance, operations, marketing, sales, IT, HR, and legal to support a company's unique needs.

Substantial Experience in Our Core Sectors

Our investment team possesses deep domain experience resulting from over 100 years of combined experience helping to build market-leading companies in the consumer, energy, healthcare, and business solutions sectors. We can be valuable resources in our core sectors, provide a wealth of contacts and relationships, and bring perspective related to industry structure, strategic risks and opportunities, and regulatory and competitive frameworks.

Enhanced Access to Capital Markets

The Riata team has a long history of helping companies successfully access debt and equity capital markets to optimize their cost of capital and financial flexibility, fund an acquisition, or support working capital needs as a business grows and evolves. Over the course of the past two decades, the principals of Riata have arranged over $3.8 billion of financing for our portfolio companies in a variety of credit and capital market environments. This experience and access to a broad set of financing sources and relationships is often helpful to those companies that have had limited exposure to third-party institutional financing options.

Experience Positioning Companies for Exit

Strategically positioning a company for exit, including selecting the optimal approach, structure, and timing for a liquidity event, is a critically important activity that is often uncharted territory for entrepreneurs and management teams. The principals of Riata have successfully exited numerous companies over the past two decades. We have leveraged a full range of structures and approaches, including sales to strategic acquirers or other investment firms, recapitalizations, and initial public offerings. We provide counsel and leverage long-standing personal relationships with dozens of leading advisors in preparing a company for exit, all with the goal of achieving the unique needs of shareholders.


"They are great partners, invest in people, and value the relationship with management.”

JERRY MEYER – Former Chairman and CEO of Walls Industries
Operating Partner – Business Solutions